Summer holiday Bikeability

Summer holiday Bikeability

Summer holiday Bikeability

Build your confidence to cycle this summer with a Bikeability session.

Bikeability offers various levels of training for children and adults from Learn to Ride for those who don’t know how to cycle, to learning how to fix your bike through to cycling on the road.

Bikeability combined levels 1 &2 and level 3 mainly takes place on roads and teaches you how to take your position on the road, communicate and be assertive alongside other road users and a host of other practical skills and knowledge for cycling safely.

Bikeability Transition is a chance for your children about to start secondary school to have help to plan a good route to their new school and develop the skills to cycle it safely.

Our early August sessions are now past but we have organised further sessions for Monday 22 August and Tuesday 23 August.  If this is a week you are away, we still want to hear from you if you are interested in Bikeability for yourself and/or your children. Please have a look at the courses available and express your interest via the form.

Bikeability Learn to Ride  – 1 to 1, 45 minute session for children or adults who are unable to ride

Bikeability Fix – A practical hands on 1.5 hour sessions for kids (8+) and adults to learn simple repairs and adjustments.

Bikeability level 1 – a 2 hour off road session for those that can ride without stabilisers to age 8, improve coordination, stopping, starting , sharing space and using gears

Bikeablity combined levels 1 and 2 – Suitable for age 9 to adult – An 8 hour session split over 2 days of 4 hours preparing for cycling on quiet roads, road positioning, communication with road users, recognising hazards, passing parked vehicles/side roads.

Bikeability level 3 –  A 4.5 hour long session, suitable for anyone who has passed level 1&2 and adults who already cycle but would like to move onto busier roads, ensure they are following good practice or giving their children the best advice. Focuses on cycling with more challenging roads and junctions, including advanced road positioning, passing queuing traffic, perceiving and dealing with hazards, understanding driver blind spots, reacting to hazardous road surfaces.

Bikeability Transition – For children moving from primary to secondary school, provides route planning skills to plan and make a safe cycle ride from home to their new school.

For more on Bikeability levels 1, 2 and 3 look at

To express your interest in joining one of the sessions please complete this form.



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