Play Days

Playful exploration is the theme for our summer holiday 'Play Days'.

Following our three adventures over the summer holidays to introduce families to the play possibilities of nearby green spaces, we have organised one further Play Day in Charter Wood on the 27th October during the half term for anyone that missed out on the summer dates.

With the help of a Forest School Leader parents and children can explore the local environment together and spend time playing outdoors.

Come along and meet your friends for a fun day out. You will be encouraged to explore safe play opportunities and be shown some of the rich nature afforded by the verges, hedgerows and woodland.  

This may include finding out more about the plants and what else lives in and around them.  Looking for tracks and signs of birds and mammals. Finding out what is edible! Plus endless opportunities for playing which could include jumping, splashing, climbing, looking, hiding, seeking, exploring, finding, identifying, crawling, rolling and carrying.

We hope it inspires you to organise your own play days and we have suggested some other green spaces you might want to go and play in!

Play Day dates

Meet 10am, 12am or 2pm on:

Monday 1 August - High Woods - Meet at High Woods country park visitor centre

Thursday 11 August - Hilly Fields - Meet outside St Helena's school, Sheepen Road

Thursday 17 August - Charter Wood - Meet at the play area on Bergholt Road recreation ground

Thursday 27 October - Charter Wood - Meet at the play area on Bergholt Road recreation ground

Please book for the October half term play day here. I want to come on a Play Day!

The led bike rides will leave from Go Outdoors at 9am, 11am and 1pm for each Play Day.

Getting there

All 'Play Day' destinations are accessible by foot, bike or bus.

We will be leading an off road bike ride from Go Outdoors to each Play Day if you would like to be introduced to a family friendly cycle route to your local green spaces.

If you live in Mile End the  map on the right gives you ideas for routes. View it close up or download it here.

If you live outside Mile End or want to look at bus routes, use our Plan your journey page to help you plan your route.

There will be three meeting times for each Play Day, but then how long you stay playing is up to you!

Play Days are free and offer a family adventure, so all children need an adult with them please!

Please register that you are coming along so we have an idea of numbers

I want to come on a Play Day!

Huathe are the local company providing the Forest School leaders to lead the Play Walks.