Play Days outside

Active travel fun days out

Best Foot Forward aimed to encourage families to explore and enjoy many of the local destinations for cheap, car free, fun days out.

We share with you these ideas and the resources produced through the project to help you travel actively to have fun days out as a family.

To see what Play Walks are all about in pictures, here are some lovely photos from the last High Woods County Park Play Walk day

Play Walks

'We went to the “wild wood” where we drank some tea and played some games’ was just one of the lovely comments from children who came along to a Best Foot Forward Play Walk.

Play Walks were led by Huathe, a forest school team, to help open up the play possibilities of nearby green spaces to local families to encourage exploration of  the local environment together and spending time playing outdoors.

Building on the after school play walks attended by pupils from Queen Boudica and Braiwick primary schools, we have turned the trails they established through their exploration and play off the beaten track trail into two Play Trail maps that all the family can enjoy together.

Download the Play Trails below and at the same time why not 'Gift' your child some of your time to play and explore green spaces together! Download our FREE Wild Time gift voucher.


Local company Huathe, helped us develop the Play Walks.

The Play Walks were by far the most popular feature of the project, and have provided a lasting legacy that can be enjoyed by the whole community.

Elizabeth was one of the Huathe forest school leaders leading the walks, and says;

‘when people experience nature – spending time outside and learning some simple outdoor skills – it increases their self confidence, builds a stronger sense of who they are and develops important life skills such as co-operation, problem solving and creative thinking.'

Here are some lovely photos from the last High Woods County Park Play day

If you would like to know more about Huathe visit their website.

High Woods Country Woods Play Trail

Charter Wood Play Trail

How to get there

BFF was all about encouraging active travel and less reliance on the car, so finding your way on foot, bike or public transport to your green space is all part of the adventure.

We have produced this local map to give you some ideas of walking and cycling routes plus bus stop locations.

If you live in Mile End and need a bit more help use this Journey Planner to plan your journey.

If you live outside Mile End use this Journey Planner.

Getting There Play Trail Map

What next?

Once you have tried the High Woods Country Park and Charter Wood play trail, why not take some of the ideas and go and explore other green spaces you haven't been to before?

You could try Hilly Fields or Castle Park. or venture further afield to Friday Wood on your bike or Wivenhoe Wood on your bike or by train. Check out segments of the Colchester Orbital, a walking and cycling route around the periphery of town, taking in lots of our loveliest green spaces and off road pathway.

Or why not take some of the Play Trail ideas and go to the sunshine coast by train to see what adventures you can have and discoveries you can make on the beaches at Clacton, Walton on the Naze and Frinton?

The Cycling Centurion Treasure Trail is another trail you can follow on foot or by bike in High Woods Country Park, pick up a map in the visitor centre or download from the link opposite.

If you would like a fabric version of the High Woods Country Park play trail to keep, you can purchase one from the visitor centre at the park.