Social health walks

The led walks will continue until the end of March 2017. Join our walking health professionals and enjoy combining some exercise and fresh air with socialising with local residents and exploring local routes and shortcuts. 

Building on our October led walks, BFF will continue to offer two led walks each week throughout the winter until the end of March to bring the community together to socialise, improve health and encourage exploration of local routes and short cuts to useful destinations.

The group will be led by two highly experienced health walk leaders who can give advice and support to anyone who has concerns about walking.

The circular walks are of different lengths to meet different levels of experience,  needs and time available. They aim to familiarize local residents with short cuts and walking routes they may not be aware of as well as provide an opportunity to get out for some fresh air, exercise and to meet some other local people.

The Thursday walk is also suitable for mums, dads or carers with buggies.

Thursdays - This walk is split into two sections, each of just over 1.5 miles. The whole walk should take between 1 hour 10minutes and 1 hour 30minutes depending on pace. (Mainly footpaths, some uneven and possibly slippery surfaces). First section suitable for buggies

Saturdays - A walk of approximately 4 miles. This should take between 1 hour 40 minutes and 2 hours depending on pace. (A mix of urban walk and footpaths, some uneven and possibly slippery surfaces).

If you want to try any of the walks by yourself or with friends and family you can download the routes below (we will no longer be offering a led walk from Costa Coffee on Monday evenings, however we have included the route below in case you want to try it. )

The Costa Coffee Walk

The Bricklayers walk

The Dog and Pheasant walk



Walk dates, times and meeting points

Every Thursday between 17th November 2016 and 30th March 2017  (apart from 22nd and 29th December)

 - Meet at 10.30 a.m  at The Bricklayers, 27 Bergholt Road, Mile End, Colchester, CO4 5AA.

Every Saturday between 19th November 2016 and 25th March 2017 ( apart from 24th and 31st December)

 - Meet at 9.30 a.m at the Dog & Pheasant, 24 Nayland Road, Mile End, Colchester, CO4 5EG,

No booking required simply go along to the meeting point and look out for our two walk leaders who will be in Best Foot Forward T-shirts.

You may have noticed that both walks have been arranged to start and end at a local eatery so that anyone who wants to stay on and socialise over a drink or food is able to do so!

Best Foot Forward social running group

Congratulations to our Best Foot Forward Star Fraser who has secured a major new project at work. Unfortunately this means he has had to withdraw his time from BFF and is unable to lead the social running group on Mondays.

If BFF residents would like to run with others to help with their personal motivation and for company on these cold, dark evenings please Contact Us, as we are happy to put people in touch with each other.

If you are a complete beginner to running we recommend you try the Coach to 5k programme, which is designed to get you off the couch and running in 9 weeks. Grab your trainers and follow the step-by-step instructions via a free app. If you want to try Coach to 5k but need someone to do it with, let us know and we will see if we can find a fellow resident to join you!

Don't forget there is Park Run every Saturday in Castle Park, meet at 9am at the Castle Park bandstand. Or why not join the GoodGym group who meet at 6.45pm on Wednesdays at Leisure World.


Social bike rides highlighting short cuts/useful routes

Mile End has a surprising number of quiet roads and short cuts to make it easy to get around by walking or cycling, but you need to know where they are.

Our weekly social bike rides are now finished, however if you would be interested in joining a local cycling group to explore local routes as well as keep kit and socialise, please get in touch.


Cycle Confidence for adults

Many people say they are put off cycling because they don’t like the idea of riding in traffic, but cyclists who have undertaken Bikeability training use busy roads every day without any problems.

That’s because they cycle safely and make sure drivers know they’re there. Bikeability training teaches you to cycle in a position where you can see and be seen; and to make eye contact with other road users, especially at junctions, so you know they’ve seen you.

Even if you’re an experienced cyclist, it’s well worth doing a Level 3 Bikeability course, just to check that you’re following the see and be seen principles.

BFF is keen for as many adults as possible to take up Bikeability sessions.  If you are interested please complete our request form and we will be in contact.  

You will need your own roadworthy bike to undertake the sessions and there is a £5 charge per learner.

Please complete the Bikeability request form.


Cycle Confidence sessions

Learn to Ride 1:1, 45 minute session.  For those you have never learned or managed to master cycling. The instructors have a lot of success with getting people started, boosting their confidence and giving them advice to build on what they have learnt.

Bikeablity combined levels 1 and 2An 8 hour session split over 2 days ox 4 hours Preparing for cycling on quiet roads, road positioning, communication with road users, recognising hazards, passing parked vehicles/side roads.

Bikeability level 3 –  A 4.5 hour long session Suitable for experienced cyclists to ensure they are following good practice or those who would like to move onto busier roads,  Focuses on cycling with more challenging roads and junctions, including advanced road positioning, passing queuing traffic, perceiving and dealing with hazards, understanding driver blind spots, reacting to hazardous road surfaces.

Health Coaching

If you need a bit of motivation to start making changes to improve your health, Mill Road surgery is offering free health coaching sessions. If you are a Mill Road patient you can make an appointment on Wednesday afternoons or Thursday mornings to discuss your health and well-being including activity levels.